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Dental Implants

Before development of dental implants, bridges, partials or dentures were the only alternative to replacing missing teeth. Today, in many situations, implants are a better choice.

Implants are essentially titanium roots that are placed in the bone where the tooth formerly resided. There they form the foundation for a porcelain crown or bridge.

Implants can also be used to support dentures or partials.

Crowns Over Implants

No longer do you have to compromise with tooth loss. Now we have dental implants that can replace those lost teeth with natural-appearing and functioning teeth. The best way to think of implants is that we treat them very similar to natural teeth. Since an implant acts like an artificial tooth root we can place a crown, or multiple crowns, as in a bridge, on the implant.

The key to making your implant experience a successful one is careful planning and treatment. Dr. Criswell will evaluate your situation and if implants are indicated he will explain what can be accomplished. Implant dentistry can be very rewarding and offers some of the most predictable and best dentistry that we have to offer. Dr. Criswell will work with you to create beautiful and natural feeling teeth over your dental implants.

Dentures Over Implants

When all of your teeth are missing in either the upper or lower jaw the only treatment alternative has been dentures. The biggest hurdle most people face with dentures is that they are unstable when they eat. They move and food gets under the denture. Some people only wear them when they eat. For the new denture wearer it is usually getting used to eating with artificial teeth. In all cases dentures are rarely comparable to natural teeth.

A denture can be secured in the mouth by attaching it to multiple dental implants. There are two options:

Option 1 – A removable denture that’s held in place by the use of plastic attachments inside the denture. That denture is then snapped onto a metallic bar that is anchored to multiple implants.

Option 2 – A denture that is not routinely removed. This denture is called a hybrid and is attached directly to a multiple of implants.

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